Homemade anti-cellulite treatment

The “orange peel” or cellulite phenomenon affects nearly all women, whatever their body size and shape. 

There are two types of cellulite: 

  • stage 1 cellulite ( hardly visible and painless to the touch),
  • stage 2 cellulite (“orange peel” effect visible to the naked eye)
  • and stage 3 cellulite (very pock marked skin and painful during subdermal massage). 

There is no miracle cure to make it disappear, but a combination of massage and targeted treatment will help promote drainage and reduce the unattractive appearance on the skin surface.

Here is a cheap and easy homemade anti-cellulite treatment!


  • 100 ml of Perles de Gascogne hazelnut oil
  • 4 ml of lemon grass essential oil
  • 4 ml rosemary essential oil
  • 4 ml geranium essential oil


  • Pour the hazelnut oil into a 100 ml bottle.
  • Add the lemon grass, geranium and rosemary essential oils.
  • Mix together carefully.
  • Massage the areas to be treated (thighs, tummy, buttocks) with this mixture every morning and evening. Discover a few anti-cellulite massage techniques in this Minute Forme video.

Hazelnut oil is a natural antioxidant, recommended for the skin for its nourishing, healing and repairing properties. Together with the essential oils and the massage movement, this homemade treatment enables you to reduce the “orange peel” effect. It must be applied twice a day for several weeks in order to obtain the desired results.

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