La Dépêche du Midi: Brulhois wines shine alongside local Southwestern produce

Tasting of Lot et Garonne regional produce, including Perles de Gascogne oils, at the Brulhois wine cellars in Layrac

Nathalie presented the Perles de Gascogne oils produced in Pujols : plum, hazelnut, walnut…/Photo DDM, B. G.

At the beginning of December, the Brulhois Wine Growers welcomed potential customers for an ‘open day’ in their cellars. Local food producers were there to provide tasty accompaniments to the Brulhois wine.

Foie gras and other pâtés, delights of the Julien Durance company, sat alongside the Perles de Gascogne oils. Represented at the cellar by Nathalie, the Pujols company produces oils from the cold pressing of Ente plum stones, using a method invented by the founder of Perles de Gascogne : Jean-Pierre Clavié. This oil is used in food produce as well as in cosmetics.

Caroline Delcropt of Délices de Saint-Cirice never misses these events with, amongst other things, her chocolate covered jellied fruits. Les Escoute Orchards in Penne-d’Agenais presented a variety of chocolates, including two new variations: chocolate covered figs and apricots filled with fruit cream.

And in terms of liqueurs: Aurian de Condom presented its Armagnacs, with the oldest dated 1972. From the Gagnet Farm in Mézin, a holiday gîte with homemade produce: Floc de Gascogne and Armagnac, as well as cooked duck products (fillet, liver, pâtés, rillettes, stuffed neck…). Also on display were the truffles of which Bernard Rosa, vice-president of the Lot-et-Garonne truffle growers, talks so highly.

An unexpected delight: caviar, the black pearl of Périgord, produced in Eyzies, in the Dordogne, from sturgeon reared in the Arcachon basin. Some lovely gift ideas on display in the Goulens cellar until the New Year festivities.

Source: La Dépêche du Midi