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We produce and distribute the highest quality in first cold press, natural virgin oils.

Every one of our products undergoes rigorously monitored processing in order to ensure the best quality guarantee for our oils. No chemicals are used in our manufacturing process!

The stages of production for first cold press virgin oils:

  • Rigorous selection of raw materials: our seeds are cultivated by long-standing partner producers, in accordance with very strict specifications
  • Stabilisation: prevention of yeast oxidisation and contamination / mould growth on the seeds and fruit by means of a natural process to remove excess water
  • Mechanical extraction using an endless screw: the seeds are crushed and pressed slowly to extract the oil in the first pressing without the use of heat
  • Filtration after pressing: the oil collected is filtered repeatedly to obtain the clearest and brightest possible end product. Upon the request of certain customers, we carry out a sterilising natural filtration process (porosity: 0.2 microns) to remove all micro-organisms
  • Storage: out of direct light in a cold room to preserve the oil’s intrinsic qualities

Our oils are subsequently packaged for our customers, in France or abroad, who are from very different sectors:

  • cosmetics industry
  • nutraceutical industry
  • food processing industry
  • restaurant industry
  • retail food distribution (fine food delicatessens, department stores…).

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