Virgin plum oil or virgin prune kernel oil is obtained from the first cold pressing of the kernels found inside the prune (Agen prunes), without the use of solvents or chemicals. Virgin plum oil is a natural oil free from additives and GMOs and non-allergenic. Naturally rich in VITAMIN E, our virgin oil presents good oxidation stability. It possesses good organoleptic and exceptional aromatic qualities.

Its intense natural almond flavour could classify it as a natural aroma.

  • Flavour marked by notes of light toasted almond
  • Rounded flavour
  • Rich golden yellow
  • Dark green hues
Flavour combinations
  • Can be used: raw and in cooking
  • Sweet recipe ingredient: cakes, pastries, biscuits, creams, ice creams and sorbets
  • Savoury recipe ingredient: sauces and emulsions
  • Flavouring: white meat, red meat, fish, shellfish, seafood
  • Seasoning: salad, raw and cooked vegetables
  • Flavour enhancer: apricot and pistachio
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