[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]AB LabelOrganic Agriculture Label of CertificationProduced from Ente plums, a variety cultivated in the heart of Southwest France, organic virgin plum oil is of a golden yellow colour with hints of deep green. Its almond fragrance release a pleasant and light toasted scent.

The numerous cosmetic and nutritional properties of this organic oil make it an essential basic ingredient for enhancing culinary creations and enriching certified organic beauty products.

  • Cold first pressed virgin oil
  • Produced and processed according to Organic Agriculture certification specifications
INCI name
  • Prunus Domestica Seed Oil
  • 70% oleic acid (C18:1)
  • 20% linoleic acid (C18:2, n-6)
  • 80% gamma tocopherols (700 ppm)
  • 90% polyunsaturated fatty acids
Cosmetic properties
  • Nourishing, softening, soothing and protecting
  • Penetrates very quickly to leave the skin soft
  • Maintains firmness, suppleness and hydration of the skin layers
  • Recommended for dry and reactive skin
Cosmetic applications All products certified organic:

  • Moisturising and anti-ageing skincare products
  • Creams, masks and facial make-up products
  • Creams, lotions and balms for the body
  • Liquid and solid soaps
  • Hair treatments
  • Lipcare products…
  • Flavour marked by the taste of lightly toasted almonds
  • Rounded flavour
  • Rich golden yellow
  • Dark green hues
Culinary applications
  • To be used both cold and in cooking
  • Sweet recipe ingredient: cakes, pastries, biscuits, creams, ice creams and sorbets
  • Savoury recipe ingredient: sauces and emulsions
  • Flavouring: white meat, red meat, fish, shellfish, seafood
  • Seasoning: salad, raw and cooked vegetables
  • Flavour enhancer: apricot and pistachio