Letter in the Objectif Aquitaine: Perles de Gascogne sells a Peruvian oil

Brief mention in Letter n° 880, of 4 June 2013 in the Objectif Aquitaine

It has been seven years in development, but finally here we are. Perles de Gascogne (company registered in Pujols – 47. 3 employees – turnover of €450,000), until now known for its production of plum, hazelnut and walnut oils for the food and cosmetics markets, has just been approved by the European authorities (Novel Food) to distribute a Peruvian oil. This virgin Inca Inchi oil is unique for its richness in Omega 3 (50%) an Omega 6 (approx. 40%). Perles de Gascogne has been awarded exclusive distribution rights for the food and nutraceutic industries. With this Peruvian oil, Perles de Gascogne reinforces its position as leading distributor of rare oils.


Read the article athttp://form.dolist.net/o/?s=4197-13640-8515-d0876aef&v=1

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