Recognised for their organoleptic qualities, our oils are full of flavour, fragrant and rich in active ingredients.

Our original approach is to produce or distribute products that come from integrated and fully managed supply companies. Most of our oils are produced in the heart of Southwest France, on land favoured for orchard cultivation. Our quality selection method has subsequently been applied to all of the oils gradually integrated into our product range.

Rows of Perles de Gascogne hazelnut trees, Pujols 47

From the selection of the seeds or fruit to the final oil, we are present at every stage of production:

  • Orchard monitoring
  • Selection of fruit or seeds
  • Traceability of harvest
  • Cleaning of fruit and seeds, stabilisation
  • Storage of fruit and seeds
  • Oil extraction and filtration
  • Batch analysis
  • Packaging
  • Storage, logistics and distribution

Each of these stages undergoes quality control, analysis and regular or periodical analytical control plans in accordance with current standards.