Prune kernel powder <300µm


Ente plum on Lot and Garonne Agen plum treeThe prune kernel powder is obtained by grinding the shells of Ente plum stones, a variety of Prunus Domestica, which are cultivated in south west France to produce Pruneaux d’Agen (Agen prunes).

The prune stone shell from which the product originates has the double advantage of being in contact with both the seed and the pulp, which gives it an exceptional richness of aroma.

It is available in three different grain sizes:

  • <300µm
  • 300 to 500µm
  • 500 to 800µm.

New to the cosmetics market, prune kernel powder is the product of a manufacturing process controlled exclusively by Perles de Gascogne. No chemicals are added during its production.

It is obtained by means of a mechanical process known as micronisation. Once sterilised by autoclave, the powder is classified according to three grain sizes and vacuum packed for storage.

Powder of a smaller grain size is more suitable for use in sensitive areas such as the face.

Larger grains are reserved for use on the body, for deep skin cleaning.


  • Grinding of the Prunus Domestica stone by holding firm the kernel, followed by successive sifting to obtain the desired grain size.
  • Sterilisation by autoclave
  • No added chemicals
  • Brown and white powder
  • Fine or small-grained powder according to grain size
  • Characteristic aroma of plums and almonds
  • Cellulose
  • Lignin
Cosmetic properties
  • Gently abrasive
  • Smooths rough skin
  • Brightens skin tone
  • Face and body exfoliating treatments: gels, creams, oils, liquid and solid soap, lip balms…