Organic Inca Inchi Oil


AB Label Organic Agriculture Label of Certification

The Virgin Inca Inchi Oil is obtained by the simple cold pressing of the seeds of the Plukenetia Volubils, a plant of the Peruvian rainforests, cultivated according to traditional and organic agricultural methods.

Its quality of flavour has won this oil the gold medal for exceptional organoleptic qualities at the World Edible Oils in Paris in June 2204. It is also rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E.

The numerous cosmetic and nutritional properties of this organic oil make it an essential basic ingredient for enhancing culinary creations and enriching certified organic beauty products.

Manufacturing process :

Water reduction

Excess water is reduced using a natural process in order to prevent oxidisation and contamination of the yeasts, which leads to the nuts and fruit going mouldy.

Mechanical extraction

The seeds are crushed and slowly pressed using an endless screw in order to extract the oil in the first cold pressing process, without the use of heat.


The mechanically extracted oil is filtered several times once it comes out of the press to obtain a product that is as clear and bright as possible.

NB: A natural sterilising filtration process (porosity diameter: 0.2 microns) can be carried out on request to remove micro-organism residue.


The prune stone oil is stored in a cold room out of sunlight. This storage method allows the intrinsic qualities of the oil to be preserved naturally.

  • Very smooth and light
  • Fragrance of peas and asparagus
  • Slight hint of hay
  • Pale green
Flavour combinations
  • Can be used: raw and in cooking
  • Sweet recipe ingredient: cakes, pastries, biscuits, creams, ice creams and sorbets
  • Savoury recipe ingredient: sauces and emulsions
  • Flavouring: white meat, red meat, fish, shellfish, seafood
  • Seasoning: salad, raw and cooked vegetables
  • To complement: olive oil, walnut oil, hazelnut oil

In December 2012, after seven years of analysis and additional studies, Perles de Gascogne, the European partner of the main Peruvian producer, was awarded food application certification in Europe for Virgin Inca Inchi Oil. This certification authorises the sale of the oil on the European food market.

Already employed in the cosmetic industry, Virgin Inca Inchi Oil is the richest plant source of omega 3 currently available on the market.

Also known as Sacha Inchi, this oil is a genuine alternative for food, agricultural and nutraceutical industries that wish to develop their ranges of omega 3 enriched products: combined oils, margarines, dairy produce, food supplements…

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